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Digital Documents

Digital Documents and Transactions in Real Estate

The use of electronic technologies by commercial real estate firms has increased productivity, accuracy, and efficiency. This digital transformation within the real estate industry, coupled with analytics and blockchain technology, is changing how commercial real estate does business. The use…

Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

In the absence of proper advice and guidance from a qualified estate planning attorney, many individuals make costly mistakes that will impact their assets, interests, and those they love after they pass away. Beyond undermining your intent and diminishing your…

Property Litigation

What Causes Real Estate Litigation?

It is possible to face a legal dispute regarding a property transaction even if you have done your due diligence and have hired a real estate attorney for guidance. Many US businesses use litigation to solve problems, and the real…


Establishing Guardianship of Elderly Parents

Parents who are aging often lose their ability to think clearly and make informed life decisions. This growing inability may occur due to Alzheimer’s disease, other forms of dementia, mental illness, stroke, brain injury, or other severe health or disability…

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